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I am a professional self-taught artist based in North Lincolnshire with an innovative technique. My married name is Turner but I still use Paula Horsley for my unique art which is created with glue guns and hot melt glue sticks of EVA (plastic/resin) onto deep edge canvases. Very often I have to melt and mix my own colours which is quite a painstaking process. The resin is thick and glossy which gives each piece a ceramic-like sculptural quality. Any fears of the art melting down walls are unfounded as the glue can withstand temperatures up to 75c.
I enjoy playing with colour and abstract patterns in a crazy paving, patchwork of dots within dots. The deep edges of the canvases are always nicely finished so a frame is purely optional after purchase.

When I first discovered the joys of glue guns and coloured glue sticks in the early 90's, I created bright and funky sculptures which I sold through galleries in Yorkshire and arts & craft fairs. I had a full range for sale in the Garden Gallery at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Some of those early pieces still look just as good today! In 2005 I enjoyed further success with my acrylic paintings in galleries and at art fairs but after experimenting with my glue guns on canvas, I fell in love with the process and sold my first "glue" Abstract Horse in 2013.

Usually it can take me ten to fourteen days to complete a 36" x 24" canvas and the largest size I work on is 30" x 40". Every painting has two protective coats of water resistant varnish. A soft feather duster is all that is required to keep my paintings clean although a gentle wipe with a damp cloth will get rid of any dirty marks if necessary.